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Is It Time to Redesign Your Website? Here's How to Know

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Recent statistics show that 38% of web users navigate away from unattractive websites. Another 59% admitted to preferring beautifully designed content to simple content.

However, web design is not just about using appealing colors and attractive layout. It is also about improving the user experience while meeting your digital marketing goals. This is why it's essential to assess your website and redesign it whenever possible.

When is the right time to tweak your current design? Below is a guide on how to know when to call in Joomla web design experts for professional design services.

1. Your Current Design is Unappealing and Unprofessional

Visual appeal is a key factor in web design. Your site colors, layout, and general arrangement are what a visitor first sees when they land on your webpage. Thus, if your website's design is unappealing and unprofessional, you may lose potential leads.

You need to redesign your site to improve its visual appeal and professionalism. Here are some tips on how to go about this:
  • Choose a color scheme based on the psychology of color
  • Utilize multimedia in the form of images, video, graphs, and graphics to break down text content, improve visual appeal, and encourage action
  • Use colors and brand logos in the same place on each webpage on your site
  • Reduce clutter on your website by keeping images, ads, and navigation bars minimal
A beautiful and professional website is a magnet for visitors. Work with a Joomla web design expert to come up with an appealing design that will draw and keep potential leads on your website.

2. Your Site is Mobile Unfriendly

With around 70% of web traffic originating from mobile devices, there's no doubt that every webmaster needs a mobile responsive site to remain relevant in the digital space. If your site isn't responsive to mobile, you're losing out on huge traffic.

A mobile-friendly site is one whose template automatically displays correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. Images and content resize accordingly to fit the size of the screen.

Is your current design responsive to mobile? If not, you should redesign your website and get a new mobile-friendly template to maximize mobile traffic.

3. You Have Outdated Code and Third-Party Tools

Over time, some third-party tools no longer receive updates, especially if the developers move on to newer ones. Similarly, the site's code may no longer be receiving updates, and this causes it to be outdated.

Outdated code and third-party tools can hurt your web design. The code may create security vulnerabilities and expose your website to malicious attacks. If this happens, you risk losing valuable content or the entire website altogether.

Outdated third-party tools affect the user experience. They slow down the site, increase site vulnerabilities, and become a nuisance on your webpages, especially if they aren't working.

A redesign is a great idea to rid your site of outdated software, code, and tools. However, unless you're an expert, you may not know where to check. A Joomla web design professional can locate outdated tools and code on your site, remove them, and redesign the entire website with new, up-to-date software and code.

4. Your Site Has a High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who navigate away from a website after visiting only one page. A high bounce rate is an indication your site isn't meeting the needs of your target audience. The following issues can be responsible for this:
  • Unclear titles and meta descriptions
  • Technical errors on the site
  • Slow loading webpages
  • Irrelevant content
  • Unappealing layout
If your site has a high bounce rate, you need to re-evaluate its design. Most of the above-mentioned problems point towards a design that's not working. For example, technical errors may be due to outdated code and tools on the site. Speed issues point towards a poor design, un-optimized images and video, and use of too much code among other problems.

Redesigning your site can help declutter it of unnecessary plugins, optimize multimedia, and revise the code to enhance usability and reduce the bounce rate.

5. You've Changed Your Marketing Goals

It isn't uncommon for businesses to change their marketing goals and strategies. If one strategy isn't working, or you have changed your objectives, you need to redesign your website to reflect the changes.

For example, you may want to include e-commerce in your marketing goals. In this case, you need to redesign the website to incorporate a sturdy e-commerce platform. Similarly, if you want to generate leads on your website while providing content, you need some tweaks to include landing pages and calls-to-action.

If you have made changes to your digital marketing goals, re-evaluate your site to determine whether it's overall design is in line with these changes. If not, it is time to tweak it.

Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

Redesigning your website can do wonders for your digital marketing goals. It can improve user experience, enhance lead generation, and ultimately increase your ROI.

However, web design can be technical, and DIYing it can do more harm than good. Work with Joomla web design experts to come up with a new web design that will meet your goals.

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