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6 Crucial Things To Ask Your Web Designer Before The Project Begins

Are you just launching a website to give your business online visibility? Have you hired a Joomla web design expert to design and brand the website for you? Web design is one of the most essential elements of running a website. According to statistics, 48% of online users consider web design an essential factor in determining whether they will engage a website or not. Therefore, as you choose a web design expert, you should know that your business' success in the digital space relies on the quality of work they put in. With this in mind, you must ask a few vital questions and gain insight into the project before its commencement. Here are the top eight questions you should ask your designer before starting the project. 1. Will They Use Templates or Build the Site from Scratch? Joomla has a broad collection of templates that web designers can use to build sites. However, those who don't wish to use the templates can opt to create custom sites by